Elizabeth May

If Ms May really understood life as a “Jew” in this world and these times, she might better be able to understand the clear connection of anti-Semitism/anti-Israel. The recreation of Israel and the return of the Jewish people to their ancient homeland is only 70 years old. Anti-Semitism is over 2000 years old. Ms May reminds us that Golda Meir said ”you cannot shake hands with a clenched fist”. She fails to acknowledge that “the hand Ms Meir referred to was “Yasser Arafat’s” hand. And it is still ( read Abbas) his hand with the addition of the hands of Hamas whose fist is clenched. For Ms May to blatantly suggest that Mr. Netanyahu’s policies are the ones that are eroding the chance for peace. clearly shows that she has no knowledge or prefers not to recognize the total lack of responsibility of the leaders of the Palestinian Arabs to come to the table. Instead they incite their people while speaking in Arabic and convince those like Ms May and the Green party of their disingenuous appeal for peace while speaking English. This while stealing millions and even billions for there own benefit. It is very revealing that Ms May and her Green Party ignore the horrors of Syria. Hundreds of thousands killed by their own leaders. Just this week bombs containing deadly gas dropped on Aleppo. The massacres of Christians, Yazidi’s and other “infidels” by the thousands, at the hands of the ISIS monsters. Is it not enough for Ms May and the Green Party that the UN piles masses of sanctions upon Israel without evidence. While ignoring the horrors in that cauldron that surrounds Israel and calling for the total destruction of Israel as Hamas does. By the way Ms May, Golda Meir also said; “I would hope that Arab mothers loved their children more than dead Jews” and to add she also said; “We do not rejoice in victories, we rejoice when a new kind of cotton is grown and when strawberries bloom in the desert”.

Marvin Sharpe,


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