Dear Ms May;
My name is Marvin Sharpe. I belong to the Chabad community. I also have been sending you material in connection with Israel and anti-Semitism.

I, like many of “ us” have been watching the situation involving the Green Party and the anti-Israel BDS motion passed at your party convention. It gives me no satisfaction to see your consternation over the position the Party has taken. While many of “us” have mistakenly felt that you personally shared this position, your response to your Party’s action has made it very clear that you do not. I realize as a leader of your Party you must tread lightly and hope that words can bring sober thought to your members. Unfortunately, in this case you were not successful. You are disheartened, and rightly so.

Being Jewish and having concern for Israel’s existence is a way of life for us. We try to bring truth and justice for Jews in a world that has brought us nothing but hate and destruction. It is so difficult to understand why when we are so few (14M worldwide) we are constantly faced with elements who cannot rid themselves of the historic unwarranted hate. The anti-Israel activities has nothing to do with Israel. It is purely and simply an excuse to promote the anti-Semitic agenda.

I want you to know that the position you have taken has not gone unnoticed. Your actions or rather your reactions attest to the old adage, “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink”.

I wish you and your family good health and that your political path will bring you success and satisfaction.


Marvin Sharpe,

Victoria, B.C.

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